Traumatic Injury From a Car Accident

Injuries caused by car wrecks often range in severity, from minor to debilitating. A traumatic injury from a car accident is one of the most complex and difficult cases we treat. Traumatic injuries may include:

Traumatic Injury After a Car Accident Car Wreck Doctor

Sometimes these injuries can heal after a period of rest or medical intervention. Other times, however, these injuries can cause permanent damage.

If you were in a car accident, it’s crucial to speak to a doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating car accident injuries. At Car Wreck Doctor we are committed to your recovery. We can help develop a treatment plan that prevents future complications and worsening symptoms.

Follow Up With a Car Accident Doctor Even After ER Care

Emergency rooms are great for getting your symptoms under control and stabilizing you. On the other hand, they do not necessarily make full diagnoses. Their job is to get you in and out of there as quickly as possible and ensure that you are okay before you leave. You should follow up your treatment with an outpatient care center immediately after your trip to the emergency room.

Types of Traumatic Injury After a Car Accident

Even minor accidents can cause traumatic injuries. And symptoms of traumatic injury from a car accident vary greatly. Many will go home after the car accident thinking they are okay only to find out a few days later that there is something very wrong.

Symptoms of a traumatic injury may include any combination of the following symptoms:

  • Severe pain, bruising to the injury site, and swelling;
  • Headaches, dizziness, vertigo, or problems with balance;
  • Muscle stiffness, loss of range of motion, numbness or tingling in extremities, sagging shoulder;
  • Inability to concentrate, mood disturbances, mental fog, or difficulty with short term memory; and
  • Inability to lift objects that you were once able to lift.

Traumatic injuries often involve nerves, muscles, tendons, and bone breaks. Concussions are also a form of traumatic brain injury. In cases where you have a reduced range of motion, sudden pain, or muscle spasms, you’re likely dealing with a muscle-tendon injury. In cases where you feel tingling, numbness, loss of strength, or muscle spasms, you may be dealing with a nerve injury. Bone fractures and breaks will present with severe pain and swelling to the affected area. Concussions may cause confusion, fogginess, concentration and memory problems, as well as headaches.

A car accident doctor can help determine both the cause and extent of the injury and then recommend a treatment plan that will help avoid future complications.

What Are Available Treatment Options?

When treating injuries of this nature, doctors generally begin with the least invasive options and gradually move toward more aggressive action. For minor traumatic injuries, this can include, rest, ice, compression, and elevation (the RICE method). If the injury is still a problem, your doctor may recommend physical therapy and/or steroid injections.

For those with traumatic brain injury, doctors may recommend occupational therapy or neurological exams to determine the extent of the cognitive damage.

Seek the Help of an Experienced Car Wreck Doctor

Early medical intervention is vital to your chances of a full recovery. If you have suffered a traumatic injury from a car accident, speak to Car Wreck Doctor today. We can recommend the treatment plan that best suits your needs.